Indeed, there are many great players in the Premier League. But, there are ten of them who have topped the list in the past few decades. They are the following:


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Although he didn’t stay long in the Premier League, Ronaldo left an indelible mark behind. The three consecutive seasons he won for Manchester United, between 2006 and 2009, will never be forgotten in the competition history.


  1. Ryann Giggs

Ryan’s league appearances stand at 672 and his Premier League medals at 13. No one in the history of the League has been able to break this record.


  1. Thierry Henry

Henry prides in being a two-time Player of the Season winner and four-time Premier League Golden Boot winner. The French striker’s demeanor and performance in the pitch is enviable.


  1. Roy Keane

The Irish midfielder will go down the history books as one of the most talented and hardworking footballers of his time. The former Manchester United captain exited the field in 2006 with numerous plaudits and honors for being a stern midfielder.


  1. Frank Lampard

Frank is among the world’s best midfielder scorers. He scored 210 goals out of the 648 games he played. His record of assists is unmatched. The legend is remembered for his creativity, intelligence, and consistency.


  1. Wayne Rooney

He made his debut in the Premier League at the young age of 16. Through his hard work and great determination, he became a force to reckon with in the League. He scored more than 200 Premier League goals during the 13 years of his carrier.


  1. Eric Cantona

Cantona made the Manchester United team shine in the early 90s through his extraordinary style, imagination, and charisma. He retired at the age of 30, having played for only four and a half seasons.


  1. Alan Shearer

He is the League’s best goal scorer so far. He was able to bag a whopping 260 goals out of the 441 games he played during his career. He set such a high record for anyone to break.


  1. Steven Gerrard

He was a spectacular Liverpool captain. He was also renowned for his exceptional talent in tacking and scoring with both feet. Unfortunately, he never won a Premier League trophy during his career.


  1. Paul Scholes

In the history books of the Premier League, Scholes may be considered the best passing specialist. This outstanding attribute made him win the Premier League eleven times.