Scott Gelbard


Scott Gelbard is a seasoned strategic consultant, entrepreneur, and business advisor based out of Vancouver who enjoys sports.

About Scott Gelbard

Scott Gelbard, a Managing Partner at Peak Ventures based in Vancouver, is an experienced financial professional with over a decade of industry experience as an international consultant. After graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Consumer Science, Business, and Finance, he started his own consulting business and has never looked back. Over the last ten years, he has been assisting companies in Asia, North America, and Europe who are looking to emulate the successful business model of American companies. 

As a consultant, Scott works with both high-net-worth individuals and up-and-coming businesses, teaching them the fundamentals of the American marketplace and how they can become more profitable. His track record often speaks for itself, as Scott Gelbard has played an integral part in the growth of defense company Terra Ferma, Inc., BTO Self Serve Yogurt, and MusclePharm Apparel, the offshoot clothing line of the giant fitness brand. 

Prior to his current role, Scott held a leadership position as a member of Apis Ventures, a premier Denver-based financial services firm. There, he originated deals for companies in the private and public sector and facilitated the investment process. However, he gained the most experience in the areas of venture capital, business consulting, and transactional consulting.

Scott Gelbard’s Interests

In his personal life, Scott Gelbard is incredibly passionate about sports, especially soccer. Almost as soon as he learned to walk, he was playing soccer, skiing, and tearing up a hockey rink—it was just a way of life in Canada. As he grew, he prioritized soccer and continued playing the sport throughout most of his educational career. In fact, he even played soccer on a scholarship. While attending college, he was a member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity and participated in a myriad of intramural sports. 

To this day, Scott can usually be found on the soccer field, whether playing himself or coaching youth athletes. If he isn’t on the field, you can find him skiing, which he still does very often—usually between 30-40 times per year. Scott really values an active lifestyle and attends CrossFit classes to stay in shape. His love for athletics has also been passed onto his own children who are talented hockey players, though he did coach them in soccer for a few years. Scott Gelbard, a proud father, predicts that they will likely continue to play hockey in college. 

To learn more about Scott and his love for sports, please read his blog.

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