One negative aspect of the rise in technology use is that kids are less active and less social. If you notice your children spending more time glued to their various screens instead of outside or with other kids, getting them interested in soccer is a great way to get them more active. Since it’s a team sport, it will also encourage social interaction and teach teamwork skills. Here are some ways you can get your kids interested in soccer. 

Watch a game together

Turning on the World Cup or even taking your child to a live soccer match can be a way to get them interested in the sport. It can be exciting to watch and be sure to answer any questions your child might have and buy them a team jersey or other memorabilia to increase their connection to the sport. If your child likes video games, playing a soccer game might be a good idea to bridge the gap between technology and actual play.

Play with them in the backyard

Getting a ball and a goal set up in your backyard and convincing your kids to come out and play with you is an excellent first step, especially if they are very young. Not only will this teach them the essential elements of soccer, but it can also be a fun bonding experience between the two of you. Allow them to have more time with the ball and be the “star” of the show. This will encourage them to try soccer in a more formal setting.

Sign them up for a team

If your child is old enough and has expressed interest, try signing them up for a soccer team! It would probably be best not to put them in a competitive team right away and instead focus on finding a group that encourages social interaction and learning the sport. Depending on your child’s age, getting them involved in competitions right away could be detrimental to their growth and enjoyment of the sport. Above all else, remember that soccer is a game meant to be enjoyed.

Scott Gelbard