It’s that time of year again! The snow is falling, the slopes are getting crowded, and the ski season has officially started. If you are looking to hit the slopes this winter but don’t know what gear to buy, never fear; we have you covered with our list of necessities for skiing. Check out this blog post for a few pointers on items like skis and boots before heading off to your favorite ski spot.


Ski Boots

A staple of any skier’s wardrobe, ski boots are some of the essential pieces of gear you can have. A properly fit boot will make skiing more comfortable and help minimize the chances of injuries while on the slopes.


Ski Helmet

Ski helmets come in a few different styles and can be used for skiing and snowboarding, depending on the brand. The main difference between ski and snowboard helmets is that they are lighter and more ventilated than their boarding counterparts.


Ski Goggles

Ski goggles are an absolute necessity when skiing. They keep snow out of your eyes and shield them from the harmful rays of the sun, allowing you to see better while on the slopes. There is a massive variety of styles, colors, and lenses available for ski goggles depending on what activities you plan to do in them.



A backpack is an excellent option for skiers who want to travel light. When you are headed out on the slopes, most of your gear can fit into a decent-sized pack that will help keep you organized and allows for more effortless mobility.


Ski Poles

The final piece of necessary ski equipment is pole straps. Pole straps are used to attach your poles to your wrist, allowing for less hassle on the slopes. There are many different pole straps available, so be sure to check with a salesperson before you buy.


Ski Jackets

Ski jackets are one of the most essential articles of clothing for skiers to have. They are warm and comfortable and protect you from dangerous weather conditions. Depending on how warm your ski jacket is, it can be helpful all year round as well.


Ski Socks

While ski socks aren’t necessary, they can be helpful to prevent uncomfortable blisters on your feet. Ski socks are thicker than regular athletic socks and have a tighter fit around the foot to help reduce friction while skiing.



Scott Gelbard