Ice hockey is often a dirty game. Sweat, dirt, and other gross factors can make hockey apparel and other equipment pieces unsanitary, and it’s important to clean hockey equipment regularly so that all pieces can remain in good condition and last longer. Here are some useful tips for cleaning ice hockey equipment.


Wipe Down Skate Blades

Moisture from the ice that’s allowed to sit on the blades after skating can cause the blades to rust, so it’s important to wipe down the blades after getting off the ice. A standard cloth towel can work well for wiping the blades clean of moisture. Cloth covers, or “soakers,” can be placed over the skate blades after cleaning them to soak up any additional moisture so that the blades can stay as dry as possible.


Clean the Skates

The skates themselves can be wiped down after skating to clean them. The insides of the skates can then be sprayed with disinfectant to eliminate germs and odors. To get the skates as dry as possible, they should be hung upside down with the toes facing outward when storing them.


Wash Most Equipment in a Washing Machine

Most hockey equipment that’s worn during a game can simply be placed in clothes washing machine to clean in two to three loads. Skates, helmets, blockers and trappers are among the only pieces that can’t be cleaned in a washing machine. Goalie pads should also not be cleaned in washing machines.


Let Clothes Air Dry After a Game

One of the best ways to prevent clothes from stinking is to let them air dry after a game. This will allow the odor-producing sweat to dry, which can reduce the foul stench. It’s also a good idea to not leave sweaty hockey clothes inside a bag for a long period.


Use a Tear-Free Shampoo to Clean the Helmet


A wet towel with a small amount of tear-free shampoo on it can be used to clean the helmet. Residue from a tear-free shampoo will be less irritating on the eyes when the helmet is put back on for the next game. White wine can also be used to clean wipe down helmets but could cause some eye irritation.


Keeping hockey equipment clean can help players stay in the game longer. Using the right cleaning methods regularly can preserve hockey equipment better for continued use.